Daily Sweat! 5 Miler & Yoga

running is the greatest meaphor for life...

this is simply beautiful!

I am going to be honest…today I did not want to run (well at least not run very far). No subbing today, I got to sleep in late & be lazy around the house. Usually on days I don’t have a sub job I try to run in the morning, so the rest of my day is free.  But it’s the last few days of Kyle’s spring break so we decided to treat ourselves to a yummy Indian buffet (incredibly delicious but not the ideal pre-run food).

Always & Luckiest CraftAfter our amazing meal, I went to a crafting party! Check out what I made:) If you look closely at the dictionary page on my canvas it says Texas and Kyle’s says Canuck. It was so much fun and so inspiring to watch other people express their creativity.  About an hour before sunset and after a few hours of crafting, I could no longer ignore the voice inside my heading telling me to go run, I drove home. Just as I was pulling into my driveway I saw my neighbor and running/workout buddy starting her route. Perfect timing! And wow did I need a running partner today. I probably would have capped it at 5k but Marie pushed me and we did a solid 5 miler!

Here are the yoga videos I did tonight. My calves are sooooo sore from yesterday’s workout (well not the workout, but the lack of post-workout stretching) and were in desperate need of extra stretching!

How did you get your sweat on today? Who keeps you motivated when you need it most?


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