Daily Sweat! Golf Date + Yoga

golf date

To celebrate the end of Spring Break and an incredibly beautiful day, Kyle and I went on a golf date! Kyle got a great deal on GOLFNOW, $5 for a bucket of balls and a round of nine holes at Birdies & Buckets. The course is a little short for the more elite golfers, but perfect for me. 9 holes and non are longer than 80 yards, yes please! I even pared two holes…I was definitely celebrating like this…

I am bummed that I only have one picture (thank you, Instagram) to share.  Right after our golfing experience we headed to the Apple start to exchange my iPhone.  I thought all of my pictures were backed up, but I forgot about the few golfing photos. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back so I can take more pictures!

Tara Stiles Yoga

After running hard basically everyday this week, I decided today would be a chill day.  Just golfing & yoga. I wore my heart rate monitor while golfing and burned about 200 calories (not that much for 1.5 of walking & swinging a club). Then to keep it light & easy, I did these two yoga videos.

Happy Good Friday

Bless the Lord or my soul!


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