Daily Sweat! This is Yoga + 3×800 Intervals

Over the past few days Kyle and I have been on a school trip. During our trip I have been following Tara Stile’s This is Yoga schedule.  I don’t have the DVDs (yet) but each day she posts youtube videos on her Facebook page.  Here are the videos I did today:

Along with some awesome yoga, Marie & I did some speed work.  We hit the track and did a 3×800 (3 sets of 2 laps around a track) workout.  Here is the break down…


My goal was to run each 800 under 4minutes. But as you can see I did not quite hit it (4:16, 4:15, & 4:22).  The first time I looked over my half marathon plan I was a bit intimated by running multiple 800s.  However, after today’s run I had a change of heart. I definitely enjoyed this run better than last week’s 6×400. Happy to have another day of speed work in the bag. Time to hit the hay! Goodnight, World!


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