100 Days of Sweat!



Time to celebrate!!! Today is the 100th day of my Sweat 365 challenge! I cannot believe how fast 100 days go by.  I started out my day with Tara Stiles.  This is the AM video she posted for her This is Yoga challenge.

Any day now I am taking over a PE position at the school I sub at, the current teacher is going on maternity leave.  Her due date is today but it does not look like the litte guy is ready to make his grand appearance. That means a few more days of vacation for me (which is perfect because I am still recovering from our recent school trip to Walla Walla). I spent the morning cleaning, reading, and napping. Then hit the road (& living room) this afternoon.

4/11 10.5 Bike Ride

I had an interesting pain in my leg earlier so I decided it would be wise to take a break from running and go cycling. I headed out to the flats and rode a solid 10 miles. I logged my miles both on Strava & Charity Miles (I made an impact for Autism Speaks). After my ride in the beautiful sun, I worked my abs & buns out with NTC. And finally, I ended the day with another Tara Stiles video. I’d so it was a very successful 100th day of sweat!

P.S. check out what lululemon posted today…

SeaWheeze Route

I cannot wait! One of my besties is flying up to run this with me! I am soooo excitied! It is going to be EPIC!

***Oops…I miss calculated my days:) This was actually day 101!!!***


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