Nike+ Sportwatch —> Heart Rate Monitor


A few months ago my amazing brother gave me a wearlink+ heart rate monitor to use with my Nike+ Sportwatch. Up until then I had been using my Nike+ watch while running and my Polar f6 for all other types of fitness. I was super excited to use this while running…then over joyed when I realized I could ditch my Polar and just use my amazing Nike watch for everything.

The first time I went to use it as just a heart rate monitor, it took me a little while to figure it out.  So just in case there are others wondering how to work it, here’s a little tutorial:

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS  --> Heart Rate Monitor

Step 1: Put on watch & heart rate monitor

Step 2: Start watch –> click run (if this the first time you’ve used your heart rate monitor, you will need to link the chest strap. To do this click options –> new sensor –> heartrate)

Step 3: Click heartrate once, so it reads “on” (if you don’t do this first the GPS or shoe pod will automatically turn on when the other is turned off)

Step 4: Click GPS (& Shoe Pod) once to turn it “off” ~ now the heartrate option should be the only sensor turned on

Step 5: Select continue & wait for the watch and strap to link

Step 6: Once the screen reads “ready”, press start & begin your work out!

Nike + 3/4/13

Once you’re done, plug the in the watch just like any other run. The picture above is a sample of what your workout will look like. Just like a run, you can add notes and share it with your friends!

Happy Sweating! 


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