Daily Sweat! Yoga & Cycling

Before I get into the details about how I got my sweat on today, I must take a moment to say a prayer for the innocent victims of the Boston attacks today. It breaks my heart that an amazing celebration was ruined by these horrible acts. To everyone in Boston (and those affected around the world), please know that you are in my heart!

Praying for Boston

Today was my first day of work. Things went really well and I am excited to be getting back into the swing of things. I started getting my sweat on during my lunch break (just one of the many advantages of being a PE teacher). Since it’s the 15th that means it is also Day 15 of Tara Stiles This is Yoga challenge. Here’s the morning (or lunch) routine:

Working a full day is exhausting:) After a yummy dinner and some much needed rest, I hit the road for a 12 mile bike ride. I was hoping the rain would stay at bay but as soon left the house the weather started playing mind tricks. It was literally simultaneously sunny, cold, and raining. Well…that’s life in B.C. Despite the wacky weather, I had a solid ride. Here the details of my ride according to Charity Miles & Strava:

4/15 Bike

Post ride, more food, and a little T.V., I finished off my night with another Tara Stiles Routine (yes, I am a little obsessed). This is an awesome quick fix yoga video. I will definitely be saving it for those extra stressful days at work:)


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