Marathon Monday

***I feel sick to my core about the events in Boston earlier today! I am sending my thought and prayers your way! My heart is with you!!!


Happy Marathon Monday! To all my fellow runners that qualified, congratulates! Go out there and run the race of your life. I am far off from running a Boston Qualifer (BQ). But I hope that one day (even if I’m 90) I will.  Until then I’ll celebrate in the success of others. Here are a few of the most incredible and emotional BQ posts I’ve read:

Striding MomNo Meat AthleteNo Meat AthleteRoc the Run


Today, I am cheering on these two amazing Americans & I’ll be following them via twitter!!! Shalane Flanagan is our strongest hope for an USA victory!

Olympics Day 9 - Athletics

It has been almost 30 years (1985) since an American has won the Boston Marathon!  If a yank wins today that will be a first for my lifetime. Here’s a shot of the last American man to own the title…


If you ever BQed and ran this historic race I would love to hear about your journey!! Feel free to post any links to incredible Boston stories!


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