Day 106: Yoga, ZWOW, & Running

Today, I proudly wore blue & yellow and my favorite race shirt as a tribute to everyone in Boston! My heart is with you!

4/16 Run

Lunch Break Yoga

During my lunch break I wanted to get my stretch on, so I quickly looked to my favorite yoga instructor:)

zwow #60

As much as I love NTCs I did not want to commit 45 minutes today…instead I decided to workout with Zuzka! ZWOWs are the only way to go when I am exhausted and really want to get my workout over with!

ZWOW #60I did three rounds in 14:16. 25lbs for squat twists & 10lbs for 4 point punch. This is an awesome arm workout!!! Which is perfect for this running (& sometimes cycling) gal.

Afternoon run

This evening I got to enjoy the sun with a great run. Marie and I ran through two of the beautiful parks in our neighborhood. There are few things better than  spending time with a great friend and getting my run on!!!


Post Run Yoga

This is one of my favorite post run yoga routines. It is quick and efficient! Seriously, if you are a runner this youtube should be bookmarked.

Happy Sweating!

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