Welcome to the Land of Sweet Onions, Vineyards, & Windmills


A few weekends ago Kyle and I had the privilege of taking 5 of our students to our alma mater for university days. Walla Walla University is set in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley. A valley know for it’s sweet onions, vineries  windmills, and most famously the state penitentiary.

We departed Canada early Sunday morning and began our 6 hour journey to College Place, WA. From the moment we arrive until we left Tuesday afternoon, the kids were moving from one activity to the next. They went to class visitions, interest session, varsity tryouts, financial aid info, and everything else you might need when deciding which college and career is right for you! Then when the kids weren’t busy on campus we took them to some of our favorite places around town.


Here they are at Brights! The best ice cream in the world (well maybe a tie with Edaleen)! And of course we had to make a stop at Ice Burg!


We even made the looong drive to Oregon so one of our students, Stephanie, could go somewhere she had never been before!


Now, I don’t want you to think that the only reason I like going to Walla Walla is for the food:) My favorite thing about going back to Walla Walla is seeing amazing friends! This is Natalie, one of our closest pals! Here we are in Walla Walla’s campus coffee shop. So cute! And yummy!


Walla Walla from the Sky

Walla Walla Airport

One of the breakout sessions for the students was an opportunity to check out the school’s aviation program. They shuttled the students out to the flight school, toured around the flight center, and then took them up in the air!


A view of the Walla Walla University Gym, the place were Kyle and I had the majority of our classes. This is also the place were we met, became friends, and eventually fell in love (too sappy??? sorry:)!


Awe! What a wonderful trip! We are so blessed to have attended Walla Walla, to be living in the beautiful Pacific North West, and to have the best students in the entire universe (no exaggeration). Walla Walla, thank you for a wonderful few days! Until next time!


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