Day 115! Bodyweight Workout, Yoga, & a 4 Miler

WOO HOO it’s the weekend!!!

What is a weekend?Oh, Lady Grantham, you are probably the greatest fictional character. EVER! Seriously, who has better lines than Maggie Smith. Ahhh, I so need a Downton Abbey fix!


Ok, enough about my love for Lady Grantham and all things Downton Abbey. Let’s get to my Daily Sweat! Here’s a look at day 115 of the Sweat 365 Challenge (can you believe it has already been 115 days! crazy, crazy).

Working out with my students

Today for warm ups I had the kids play the dice game. They threw two dice. The first dice indicated which exercise& the second stated the number of reps (well actually they multiplied this number by 5). And if they rolled doubles, they got to run a lap around the gym. Most of the kids did awesome and were completely self motivated. Others, not so much…these kids got to do an extra workout after the timer went off:) Here’s the bonus workout I led them through (you could easily make it more challenging by upping the number reps or doing it for multiple rounds):

Body Weight Exercise

After this little routine & the dice game, I led the kids through a quick yoga routine. I seriously love leading them through yoga….maybe I need to get my yoga teaching cert:)

4 miler

I am on track to run 100 miles this month! I am at 77…only 23 more to go.  I have been seriously beat from this week’s early runs and in desperate need of extra motivation. Reaching 100 was the only thing that got me out the door yesterday & today. Sunday will be a nice looong run and then I’ll finish it off with short runs on Monday & Tuesday. 100, here I come! Here are my splits from today:


random life events


Tomorrow my brother’s girlfriend, Nathalie, is running here first marathon! Woo hoo. Run, Nathalie, run!!!


Here’s what I learned this week, the Robertsons are American’s greatest family! Kyle and I are completely obsessed with Duck Dynasty! This show is seriously amazing!!! I know we are a little late to catch on but we’re here now. At least get to watch it all at once! No need for patience in this house.


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