Day 118: Morning Yoga + 4 miler

lunch break yoga

4 miler

After school (and a few episodes of Ellen), I hit the road. With only two days left in April and only 9ish miles to go until 100, taking a rest day was not an option. When I stepped out the door, I was not planning on pushing it super hard but once my legs were moving I felt great! So I ran hard.

4/29 run

Woo Hoo, after today’s run I am at 95.44 miles!!! Only 4.56 to go!!!

Updates from the weekend:

Yesterday was super busy with an 11 miler with Marie and then a work bee at Kyle’s school. I did not have time to post about the weekend events…so here it is!

Nathalie's Marathon

Saturday: Nathalie finished her marathon!!! Woo HOO!!! She rocked the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville even though it was pouring!

PossAbilities  Tri

Sunday: My little brother, Jordan, (and our friend, Melissa) raced in the Loma Linda PossAbilities Sprint Tri.  He did awesome! He placed 23rd overall and 5th in his age group. His 5k split was 19minutes!

Kyle & me, city hockey

Sunday Night: Kyle’s floor hockey league is half way through the season. That means it’s the all star break! Of course I was there to cheer my Canuck on:)


4 responses to “Day 118: Morning Yoga + 4 miler

  1. NINETEEN MINUTES?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Great job, JANELLE, you will hit the 100 miles. You are an inspiration! And you are teaching full time! Hugs, Cheryl

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