Daily Sweat! Yoga + 5 Miler + UNO Fitness!

early Morning Yoga

5 miler

I was suppose to do a track workout but I did not feel up for it. Instead I went on a lovely 5 miler:) I feel like I am still recovering from last month but still pretty happy with my run today.


uno fitness

Here’s the warm up game my kids did today, UNO Fitness. The kids looove this game and it is easy to adjust to any unit or level.

Uno Fitness Logo.jpg

How it works: color tells the exercise & the number equals the number of reps

In my gym I have posters under each basketbal hoop. Each poster has a different colored UNO card and the exercise it represents. I have my kids get in pairs and line up, as they pass me I give each pair a card. With the card in hand, they run a lap around the gym, stopping at their color station to do the exercise. Then they finish the lap, get a new card, and repeat.

Here are the stations we did today:

Uno Fitness.jpg

And don’t forget to play some awesome music to keep them moving & motivated! 

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