Lunch Break Yoga + 5k + Delicious Vegan Pizza

It's no that diabetes, heart disease, and obesity run in your family. It's that no one runs in your family -1

Day 3 of no sugar + no dairy. You can follow my journey right here. Today, was kind of a crazy day. I stayed up too late last night and woke in a rush this morning. PTL there was no line up at the border (this only happens when I leave early)! School was exhausting and I desperately needed a nap once I got home. And nap I did!


Post nap run | 5k | 9:25 pace | 339 calories

vegan pizza + vegan ice cream

vegan pizza

  • Breakfast: Breakfast was a small portion (yay for running late) of oatmeal flavored with homemade peanut butter & honey.
  • Lunch: more pasta with organic sauce from Costco & fruit
  • Snacks: dehydrated bananas, pretzels, sesame sticks, & quinoa & black bean chips (TJ’s)
  • Dinner: Kyle made a tasty completely vegan pizza! He used a TJ’s vegan dough ($1.50ish), organic sauce, soya cheese, pineapple, peppers, & tomatoes. Sooooo yummy and happy there are left overs for tomorrow’s lunch. Once again I made banana ice cream for dessert. To make it extra awesome I added homemade peanut butter:)

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