Farewell, Dunder Mifflin!

office-farewellseason-keyartGoodbye, Dunder Mifflin! What a wonderful finale for an amazing show! Thank you for all the laughs and wonderful memoreis. You will be missed!

Daily Sweat! Yoga + 5 miler

**I actually only did half of this…lunch breaks are only so long.**

5/16/135 Miler with Marie! Run for Water is 10 days away!! Oh…I almost forgot…I went to the P.T. today because I have been having pain in my right glute & heel. The Doc gave me some stretches to add to my daily routine. I should be doing them 2+ times a day. Hopefully, I’ll feel a change soon!

My Daddy’s Bucket List

My dad has attended a home game for 30 MLB teams, an All Star Game, the World Series, and as of yesterday the Baseball Hall of Fame. His baseball bucket list is now complete!

Dad at the hall of fame

From my momma’s Facebook: “The museum director gave James a personal introduction to the Hall of Fame and two books about the museum…Of course now James has to see all of the new stadiums too. : ) I guess were not done yet.”

No we are not done yet. Both my little brother, Jordan, and I have a few more to visit before we get to 30 (I have been to about half and Jordan only has a handful more)! And don’t forget about when we have kids. We gotta keep the family tradition going:)


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