Bike to School Day!!!

Wake up, bike to school day

Today is Bike to School/Work Day! For the last two weeks my school has been promoting this event and encouraging kids to bike or walk to school. For awhile I have been toying with the idea of biking to school and what better day than Bike to School day! Plus, it is a holiday weekend in Canada and I knew the border was going to be crazy this morning. So this was a perfect way to beat the lines.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 8.32.23 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 8.31.53 PM

**top: morning commute, bottom: afternoon commute**

Bike to school day

Throughout the day kids were excited to tell me they saw me riding as they past me on the school bus. Our school was a celebration station for Bike to School/Work Day. A group of local riders were in charge of our station. The tent was stocked with yummy (and healthy) treats, sweet “I biked to school” stickers, bike info, raffle drawings, and more!

5/17/13 food

Here’s a look at what I ate today. For full details and updates on my no sugar/no dairy journey click here!

The Grass is Always Greener, USA

This is the first thing you see upon leaving Canada and entering the States. I was dying laughing and I had to take a picture to show Kyle. Once I got to the desk the officers asked why I was taking photos of the border officer. When I explained that I’m American and I wanted to show this to my Canadian husband, they just laughed!

My Momma’s Bucket List

For my parent’s 30th anniversary they went to Niagara &  Cooperstown. Niagara was on my mom’s bucket list & Cooperstown on my dad’s. Here they are at the same place Jim & Pam got married (hehe)!

Mom & Dad Niagara

Can you believe this view from their hotel room??? Oh. My. Goodness. Stunning!

Niagara Hotel View


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