Daily Sweat! Core Yoga + 10k

I am back! Life has been absolutely crazy. My school ended, two days later was graduation at Kyle’s school, and then two days after the grad festivities we were off to California for my best friend’s wedding. Then after returning home, Kyle still had three school days. Yes, life has been crazy busy! Today was Kyle’s last day of school and we finally have a chance to breathe. But not for long because next week we are off to Texas for TWO WEEKS! WOOO HOOOO!

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Although, life has been moving a million miles per hour, I have kept to my goal of working out everyday. The bride and I even went for a short run the morning of the wedding. Check out my Sweat 365 page to see my daily workouts!

Tara Stiles Core Yoga

This is how I started my morning:)


And this is basically how I felt when it was time to run….

Sometimes running sucks

Marie and I ran a 10k today. Unfortunately, my watch only calculated 4.5 miles because it died just as we were coming up the last hill:( Phone, iPod, watch, Kindle….ahhh to many things to charge.

Anyways, I am finally off to bed. So much for getting to bed early so I don’t have to nap tomorrow.  Oh well!


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