Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Howdy, Bloggers! Greetings from Texas. Kyle and I have been visiting my family for almost two weeks. We came down for my parents surprise 30th anniversary party! It was a wonderful celebration with many friends & family!


Somehow  we managed to keep this party a surprise! Even with family coming in  from out of town, our parents had no idea! Thank you to everyone who helped make the party and anniversary book an amazing success!

Happy Fourth of July!


No better way to spend fourth of July than at the Ballpark! I think only Disney puts on a more festive fireworks show!


Zoo Day!

Family outing to the fantastic Fort Worth Zoo!



Snow Cones! Yes, I had to break my no refined sugar rule while here…


We had to take this photo for Nathan:) I hope we are pointing to Adelaide.

IMG_8758Check out Merdi’s guns! Watch out, World!

Eating + Fitness

I have to confess that I have not been keeping up 100% with my dietary habits. Eating completely vegan is not easy if I am the only one doing it. But my mom has totally gone out of her way to be accommodating:) I have also been way to lax about eating refined sugars. I actually got sick a few days ago and I am pretty sure it was because of the sugar. Yikes!

20130713-231535.jpgbefore / after

Even though I have to wake up with the sun to get a run in before it is blazing hot, I have been logging those miles every other day (ish). On my non running days I have been keeping it pretty low key with my yoga:) The SeaWheeze + NWM are coming up fast so I cannot let my solid base slip a way. Actually, I am off to bed right now so I can wake up and run a 10k in the am:)


2 responses to “Deep in the Heart of Texas!

  1. Good luck on the vegan diet!!! Do you use Vega protein powder? It was developed by a vegan triathelete! I like the vanilla chai flavor. And ultramarathoner Scott Yurek is vegan too! I used to be……been trying to do more “clean eating” lately!

    • Thank you!! I actually saw that stuff at a race expo or something but I have not tried it! I will have to check it out. Now that we are home and not traveling it is definitely easier to be vegan. After giving up refined sugars and dairy I basically have no choice but to eat clean.

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