95 Days to 26.2!!!

Day 199: hilly 7 miler

Ok, things just got real real! 95 days to 26.2! Ahh…time to get serious about training and planning a trip to San Fran! At least I  have my ticket book. Yay, me.

Run Nike Sf


Training Plan. This year NWM introduced a web based training app. The app provides three levels of training plans. My favorite aspect of the app is how it automatically links with my other Nike+ training, GPS watch and NTC iPhone app. However, I have to admit I am not too jazzed about the training plans. Let me explain, I think they are solid plans and will  adequately train anyone following them. It’s just not right for me. I personally am not one to run 6 days a week, I prefer two non running days. Also I am not a fan of having rest days and long runs fall on different days each week. So onto the search for the perfect plan. I was looking for three things in a plan: run 5 times a week, have hill + speed workouts, and have multiple 20 milers. Tah-dah, I think I found it, the winner is the NYC Marathon training plan. Woo hoo!!!

NYC Marathon Training Plan

Actually, what I am going to do is make a hybrid plan. I plan on using the specifics from the Nike plan for the hill + speed workouts since it is a bit more detailed and tailored for the hills of San Fran.

NWM training app

A look at the NWM Training App

Trip logistics. 3 months to go…I don’t really need to worry about that now:)

Anyway…time to get off the computer and sleep because this girl is going to the beach tomorrow.


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