Day 200!!!

Day 200

Day 200! 200 consecutive days of getting my sweat on. What an amazing journey it has been, so far I have ran 534 miles, set a half marathon PR, completed 63 NTC /ZWOW workouts, and done more Tara Stiles yoga videos than I can remember. Coming up next, lululemon SeaWheeze + Nike Women’s Marathon.

The big 2-0-0. Originally I have big plans for day 200, you know, run 200 meter intervals, do 200 squats/lunges/push ups/burpees, or ride for 200 minutes (ok maybe not a realistic option). Well none of those things happened because sometimes it is more important to just relax and enjoy summer vacation. And that’s how day 200 became a beach day. It was wonderful!


With all the water, sun, and napping, I did not even get my sweat on until a post dinner walk down to the creek. Here’s what went down after that…


Allyson Felix NTC

Tara Stiles Yoga

How did you get your sweat on today??? 


4 responses to “Day 200!!!

  1. The beach looks lovely.

  2. Which beach is that? Looks like a nice one!

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