SeaWheeze Day 1: Packet Pickup, Shopping Mania, + “Expo”

Day 227: 8 miles @ 10:22pace

SeaWheeze - Expo - 2013

This past weekend was the second lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon. Last year I hoped to run the inaugural event but we moved to B.C. a week too late. This year I was determined not to miss out on the celebration. When registration opened up this past January I signed up the right away, along with one of my besties, Lori.

The party started very early Friday morning. After reading blogs about the madness last year, I wanted to be there right when it opened. This meant waking up at five to get there in time for this lovely line…

SeaWheeze - 2013 - Race Pick Up

Actually, since we got there early the line was not bad. Kyle dropped me off to to wait while he parked the car and got coffee. I chatted with some of the ladies around me and thankfully the line went quite quick.

Race Pickup

Once inside the convention center you could either go to the shopping only or packet pick up line. I guess after tons of complaints from last year, the store was not open to the general public until 9, while the runners got to go in at 8. Yes, it was an improvement but I honestly think it would be ever better if non runners weren’t allowed in until after noon.

SeaWheeze 2013 - Packet Pickup

The whole packet pickup/store area was a carnival theme. Packet pickup was smooth and easy. Lori did not fly in until late because of school so I picked up her packet with no problems. At the pickup, runners were given a canvas bag (super cute!), a coupon for free coffee, race bracelet (in lieu of a race bib), timing chip, and a few SeaWheeze info papers. Honestly, I thought there would be a few more goodies in the bag, especially when you pay the big bucks to race.

Showcase Store

After getting the kinda lame race packet we were led to the SeaWheeze store. This is were the crazy began. I have to say luluemon was genius in sending shorts to all the runners because then we all needed some matching tops.

SeaWheeze 2013 - Showcase Store

We were in the store within 30 minutes of opening and stuff was already flying off the racks. It was madness. People were grabbing hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of lulu gear (see photo below). I am totally cool with people spending their money however they want but too many people were buying stuff just to resell it for crazy prices on eBay. Not sure how lululemon could monitor this but I hope they find a way before next year’s race.

SeaWheeze - Showcase Store - 2013

I loved all of the colors represented in the SeaWheeze gear and if I had a lululemon savings account I would have gone crazy:) Maybe next year. Instead, I was quite the modest shopper and got a tank and super cute headband. I was hoping to get a top that said “SeaWheeze” but I guess lulu thought that was too mainstream. The closet thing I could find was this…

SeaWheeze - Store - 2013

The mermaid was this year’s SeaWheeze logo. The back says “vansweaty.” It is a Cool Racerback, soooo comfy. But at $48 not a cheap buy.

SeaWheeze - Showcase Store - 2013

Here are a some more of the super cute tops. I picked up the mint with yellow tank for Lori. By the time she was able to hit up the store there was pretty much nothing left.

SeaWheeze - Showcase Store - 2013

“Expo” + Other Funtivities

After the packet pickup and shopping fun we headed out to explore the “expo.” I say “expo” because it was not really a true expo. There was a huge lululemon store and then some funtvities for the runners. No booths with running products or free samples. I guess this is probably pretty common at big brand races. Anyways, here’s a look at goodies for the runners.

Nail Bar

SeaWheeze - Expo - 2013

Hair Station

SeaWheeze - Expo - 2013


SeaWheeze - Expo - 2013

Free massages? Yes, please! This was definitely my favorite part of the expo!

SeaWheeze - Expo - 2013

Green Smoothies + Vega

SeaWheeze - Expo - 2013

There were also a few group yoga classes but since Kyle’s siblings were visiting it did not work out for us to attend them. Next year!

Overall, packet pickup was super easy. I just wish there was a way for everyone to have the same opportunity to shop throughout the day, instead of having to get there first thing in the am to buy at least one unique SeaWheeze item. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to stay in the city a few nights next year.

Shopping Tips for 2014 SeaWheezers: 

  • Come early! If you want to buy stuff at the store you better get there early or there won’t be much left.
  • Stay in the City. We live about an hour out of Vancouver, initially I thought it would be fine to drive in but quickly realized that since I needed to be in the city for packet pickup and the race a hotel was the better option. Too bad by then it was too late and all the rooms were booked up. You live and learn.
  • Come prepared. The store is seriously crazy, which can led to impulse buys. I suggest having an idea of what you want to buy, they will have their staple items: scuba hoodies, run swiftly gear, running shorts, run inspire crops, etc. So I suggest having an idea of what you want and  your sizes.

2 responses to “SeaWheeze Day 1: Packet Pickup, Shopping Mania, + “Expo”

  1. WHAT!? How fun! I didn’t realize there’s a store & an expo at seawheeze!!! Really want to do it! And good point about people hoarding at the sale to turn around & resell on ebay….I never thought about it! So wrong!

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