SeaWheeze Day 2: Race Recap + Post Race Festivities

Day 229: 10 Miles Bike Ride with Kyle

SeaWheeze Half Marathon, 2h 19m 51s

SeaWheeze - Post Race - 2013

Let me start off by saying this is a great race especially, if this is your first half or if you are looking for a great girls destination race! I will definitely be back next year and hopefully be bringing a few more friends with me.


Race Outfit+ Race Bag

SeaWheeze - Pre Race - 2013With about 2.5 hours of sleep, Lori and I, headed out to Vancouver for the race. The night before I had set out my gear: SeaWheeze bag for gear check, new lulu SeaWheeze tank, my bright pink tutu, and all the other essentials.

Gear Check

SeaWheeze - Gear Check - 2013

Gear check was very well planned and since the start/finish line was in the same place, drop off and pick up was 100% hassle free! Even though we were parked only a few blocks away, we stashed away some post-race must haves {cozy flip-flops, deorderant, long sleeves, etc.).

En Route to the Staring Line

SeaWheeze - Race Day - 2013

After bag check we headed out to the starting line. The actual start was just a block away but since we got there a little big later than planned (2.5 hours of sleep, remember?) we had to walk a bit to get to our self predicted wave. I am assuming they will have to have a more strict wave start in the future. 

SeaWheeze - 2013 - Pre Race Photos - Half marathon

The Race

The Route

SeaWheeze Race RouteThe first runners were off at seven on the dot and we crossed the starting line at 7:29am. While we waited we found the pace beavers in our hopeful time range and chatted with a few other runners.

Our Splits

Here’s a look at our splits. Going in we did not really have a game plan, we just wanted to start slow and see how we felt as the race went on. We did a pretty good job as starting slow and finishing stronger. We did have to make a little pit stop at mile 9 but other than that I’d say it was a pretty solid race!SeaWheeze - Race Splits - First Half

Finish Line Party

The Medal 

SeaWheeze - Medal - 2013

SeaWheeze - Medal - 2013

SeaWheeze - Medal - 2013

Yay, we finished and got a super sweet medal! With a quick sprint at the finish we managed a time just until 2h20m! Along wiht our medal we were given some Saje products (amazing!), a wet towel to freshen up (genius), water, coconut water (yuck), and a pair of Skullcandy headphones.

Post Race Brunch

SeaWheeze - Finish Line Party - 2013

SeaWheeze - Finish Line Party - 2013This food was seriously delicious and I am not ashamed to say that I went back for seconds:)

Massage Time!

SeaWheeze - Massage - 2013

SeaWheeze - Massage - 2013

Here’s a look at one section of the massage tables. There was about a 30 minute line for the massage and it was totally worth it!! Lori and I both fell asleep on table. Haha!

Photo Booth

SeaWheeze - Photo Booth - 2013

After getting our massage on, we headed over to the photo booths. This was another fun thing lululemon provided for the runners. The photos worked as a keepsake to go inside our race medals, think locket but bigger.

after party

The fun did not stop there. There was an after party in the evening out in Stanley Park. lululemon hosted a group yoga class & concert in the park. Last year Fun. was the musical guest, this year I had no idea who the guy was. We actually saw him in the parking lot, I waved but he did not seem impressed…haha. After getting some food and wondering Granville Island we checked out the party but decided not to stay because we were exhausted and Kyle’s siblings were in town. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to check it out:)


As expected lulu put on a great event. There was a lot of thought put into so many details and really made Vancouver look good! Since it was only the second running, it is only fair that they are still figuring a few things out. Here’s the low down on what I thought was great, good, and needs work:

What was great: 

  • SeaWheeze App – the official race app was exceptional (take notes, Nike). lululemon really did their research!
  • The Course – I loooved this course. It was flat & beautiful
  • Amazing massages + other fun extras
  • Incredible volunteers with great course energy
  • Smooth & easy gear check

What was good: 

  • Race Swag – the shorts + bag were super cute & functional. But last year they also got a coupon for the store, free flip flops, & goodie bags in their hotel rooms
  • Packet pick up – the line moved fast and the wait was not long & actual pick up was easy. Letting the public in a bit later was also great, but I still think the public shop time should be waaay later or even during the race.
  • Event bracelets – Ok, I understand the need for a bracelet but can’t you have a bracelet + a bib. Maybe, I am just to sentimental but I want a bib to hang on my wall!

What needs work:

  • The expo – Yes, I loved the massage and free banana but definitely not worth the drive & toll fee. I would love to see more bands incorporated, samples anyone?. Or even just expanding the few things going on (i.e. nails & hair).
  • SeaWheeze Showcase store – lululemon, pleeeease print at least one shirt that says “SeaWheeze 2014” for next year’s race! It is crazy that I even need to ask! 
  • The Vega needs to go! This stuff was disgusting, I literally had to spit it out! Ok, this is a bit my fault because I did not do my research to see what drink would be provided. But I know I cannot be the only one that feels this way.

SeaWheeze Half Marathon

SeaWheeze - 2013 - Race Medal - Half Marathon Guess who made it onto the official SeaWheeze Facebook album?!? This girl did!

SeaWheeze - Post Race - 2013

One last photo taken by Kyle, our official photographer:) I am soooo proud of Lori! She rocked the race. Our next race together is the Nike Women’s Marathon in October, we are both running 26.2!


4 responses to “SeaWheeze Day 2: Race Recap + Post Race Festivities

  1. This looks like an amazing race! I’ll have to look into doing it next year!

  2. Yum I love coconut water! You should try the vanilla chai Vega powder, it’s the only one I like, cuz it’s true some of the other flavours are ick! Glad you had so much fun at the race! Looks totally amazing! Good job lululemon!

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