Updates: End of Summer, Grad School, Teaching, Charity Miles + Sweat Pink!!!

Life has been moving at about 100,000 miles a minute. Let me give you a few updates….A few weeks ago while we were visiting Kyle’s family in Alberta, I got a call asking if I could step in as a substitute teacher for a few weeks. Yay for an opportunity to teach but not so great that school started Aug. 28 and we were not going be home until the evening of the 26th. Plus, I was scheduled to start grad school on the 27th:)

Driving through Banff

A photo from our drive home.

Sooooo basically, last week went like this:

Monday: drive 13 hours to get home. Tuesday: clean office and prepare for first week of school. Wednesday – Friday: wake up at 5am to workout before school, teach a couple hundred middle schoolers, and complete first week of grad school.

Yep, it was a crazy week.

Now that you have an overview of my life, let me give a few details. I am teaching the at the same school as last year in the same position. Which makes coming on the scene so late completely manageable.

First Day of School

Even teachers need a first day of school photo:)

Grad School

Yesterday, I officially completed my first week of grad school. Woo Hoo. Here are the details of my program: I am pursing a M.A. in Wellness and Lifestyle Management at Rowan University (public university in New Jersey). It is 100% online. This semester I will be taking two courses which thankfully are broken into 8 week modules. So I am only doing one class at a time.


i am an Ambassador!

A few months ago I emailed the Charity Miles creator about my interest in promoting this amazing app and I am super excited to announce that I was selected as a Charity Miles All Star. If you are unfamiliar is this incredible app you can check out one of my older post or watch the video below…

Not long before getting the awesome news from Charity Miles, I received an email from the Sweat Pink team letting me know I had been selected as a Sweat Pink ambassador.

Sweat PInk

Whoa…I am tired just writing about the past few weeks of my life. Hopefully things will settle down in the next week or two as I figure how to juggle my life and the blog can have a little more of my attention. Until then hit me up on Instagram and Twitter if you wanna see what’s going on in my busy life:)


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