Happy Weekend + Life Updates!

If you have checked out my Sweat 365 page recently, you may have noticed that I have been sick for almost two weeks:( Last Saturday I finally went to the doctor and after being on meds for a few days I am getting my energy back. But I am still on the mend.

The biggest bummer about being sick was the timing…I started feeling down smack-dab in the middle of my brother’s visit to Canada.

Tim Horton's

Here’s Jordy at Timmy’s, we had to given him a real Canadian experience! We also took him out to Vancouver and explored Granville Island. His time here went sooo fast and I am counting down the days until Christmas!


Never too old to enjoy the swing set. 

Since getting sick I have been taking it really easy, which makes marathon training almost non existent. I am going crazy, over the past two weeks I have ran about 13 miles….ahhh!!!! I was on pace to run over 120 miles this month, but you gotta listen to your body. I am banking on my solid base built over the past year to carry me through the 26.2 in just 21 days.

superhero cape diy

Two of my favorite kiddos during one of our walks, rocking the capes I made them:)

To keep up my sweat once a day challenge I have been walking and doing yoga, just trying to keep it gentle and let my body recover. Here’s the yoga I did today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be out there hitting the pavement.


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