5 Reasons Why October is Going to Be AMAZING!

1. BReast Cancer Awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness month is here once again! This month holds a special place in my heart, as I am sure it does for most of us. During the next 31 days think of creative ways you can celebrate the warriors who have conquered this horrible disease and honor the memory of those who bravely fought!



Looking for ideas of how you can help:

  • Share you time and love with someone battling Breast Cancer. Get involved and spread love where ever and however you can! 
  • Run a local Breast Cancer Awareness Race {USA – Race for the Cure, Canada –  Run for the Cure}
  • Rock some awesome Breast Cancer Awareness Gear {Under Armour, NFL Pink Shop, adidas…just to name of few}

2. Nike Women’s marathon + family time in san fran

20 days until Kirsi, myself, and 30,000 other ladies (and men) rock the streets of San Fran in the 10th Nike Women’s Marathon!!! Thankfully, I am up & running again and ready to crush 26.2 miles.

NWM Route

This video often plays as motivation during my runs. I have watched and re-watched it so many times it runs through my mind and pushes me when I am feeing low!


October. 22 is gonna be a great day. I will have just killed my marathon, had an amazing weekend in San Fran with my family, and I will finally know who Edith Prior is, why the factions exist and how Tris’ story ends! If you have not read Divergent and Insurgent yet, do it immediately. You have 22 days until the final book comes out!


4. scandal is back!!!

Scandal was probably the show that most left me hanging and wanting more at the end of last season! It is back in two days and I cannot wait.

5. Baseball PLayoffs + Lakers Basketball + Oilers Hockey!!!


Although I am extremely disappointed that the Rangers lost last night, I am still excited for baseball in October. No matter who is playing (except for the Yankees) the World Series is always a entertaining! October also marks the start of the NBA & NHL season!

Bonus: Once October is over it is only 22 days until CATCHING FIRE!!!!


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