Nike Women’s Marathon….The Final Countdown!

Hello, World! This beautiful morning I am writing from 30,000 feet. As I type I am en route to the much anticipated Nike Women’s Marathon in San Franscico. My day started bright and early at 2:30 this morning. Flying in the day before the race at such an early hour is not advisable, but when you only get two personal days a year and your brother is doing an Ironman in Cabo, you do not have much of a choice.

nike women's marathon packing

With less than 24 hours to go until the gun goes off, the race jitters are running wile and my mind is consumed with pacing charts, various race gear options, strategies for if I hit the wall (I did not in my first marathon but I am very aware that it will probably happen tomorrow), and countless other race varibales, but most importantly I am worried about how often I’ll get to see my family along the course and what I will be eating when it is over. Oh and what I am going to buy at the EXPO. I know, all every important things:)

My Race Plan: Pacing Plan & iPod Playlist

Going into my first marathon I did not have much of a game plan. My hope was to finish and finish in under 5 hours. Well I did finish but not until 5 hours. This time around, I have a solid year of training and racing under my belt, so I expect to finish stronger and faster than before. My goal is 4 hours 35 minutes (10:30 pace) but I will be incredibly happy with any finishing time starting with a 4. I am a huge fan of negative splits so the first step of my race plan is to start slow. Step 2, enjoy every moment of the race. I want to relish in the energy of 30,000 women at the start line and savor every scene of San Francisco. I have worked my behind off to get to this day, now it’s time to celebrate!

Nike Women's Marathon Playlist

I have my iPod ready to go. I am finishing up Divergent and will start Insurgent as I get ready for the final book this Tuesday. And of course Harry Potter is on standby if I need my favorite wizard trio to get me through a few miles. I also queued up a power mix just in case I need a little something extra. Yes, it has a few One Direction songs…ok 6. And no, I feel no shame in admitting it.

Late last night I remembered that I was going to print off a pacing chart and put it on my SPI belt. Well, of course the printer won’t print anything in color if there is no black (isn’t that convenient for the ink industry), so it will now be a last minute task to do at the hotel. Below is a snapshot at my pacing plan. Most pacing charts only offer even splits but that’s just not me. Once again Google to the rescue, seriously what did people do without Google. Here’s a look at the plan I am hoping to follow tomorrow, it does not quite account for the hills but this is the goal.

Negative Splits Racing Chart

Almost there…

I have been scouring Instagram and Twitter for an idea of what kind of a show Nike is putting on. I have seen some pretty sweet stuff and I am getting excited to experience it all. At least I got to some windowing shopping on There is some sweet looking gear. After experiencing the madness of shopping at the SeaWheeze, I think Nike has a much better philosophy about making sure there is enough for everyone to experience shopping rather than creating an elusive product that makes women do crazy things (search for SeaWheeze gear on eBay and you will see what I mean). Nike is also selling NWM product at multiple stores and selling specific “finisher” gear post race.

The Score so far: lululemon SeaWheeze vs. Nike Women’s Marathon

lululemon SeaWheeze: 1 – the SeaWheeze app is pretty epic. I loved the photo boarders!

Nike Women’s Marathon: 2 5 – I am loving the ability to shop online to see product before hand and having the event info printed on everything. Actually I should give NIke 5 points for that, I know it seems like a no brainer but lulu completely flopped in the department. Sure it is cool that I have tank with a mermaid on it that says #vansweaty on the back, but who is going to know what it means??? Come on, sometimes it’s just not worth trying to be different, being mainstream is not always such a bad idea:)

The pilot (or the conductor of the plane as Kai likes to say) has spoken, time to shut down the iPad. Look out San Francisco, this Texas has arrived!


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