Day 365: Encore, do you want…

Sweat 365, 5 miles, Nike+, Nike Women, Charity Miles All StarDay 365 of my 365 day challenge: Just to be sure that I ran 1000 miles, I went for an encore run today. And since I started 2013 with a 5 miler, I thought it was would be poetic to finish it off with another! P.S. the middle picture is the symbol for six our students in China taught us:)

2013 Resolution Recap

My 2013 resolutions were all based around fitness. I am proud to say that I kept my five resolutions. This year I…

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.24.15 PM

I apologize for such a short 2013 recap (click here to read our Christmas card recap) but the countdown to midnight has begun and the cousins are busy playing Just Dance and Heads Up! What can I say family time trumps writing about my 2013:)

Ttyl, off to make wonderful memories! Check back tomorrow for a look at my 2014 goals! Happy New Years!


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