5 Goals for 2014

New Years Eve


A groupie of my family celebrating New Year’s! We had a great low-key evening of family fun. This would not be a New Year’s post without some resolutions, well more accurately goals. So here are my 2014 goals:

1. Keep Sweat 365 alive! Let year two of my 365 day challenge begin!

This year my focus is to keep my fitness balanced between cardio (running, cycling, swimming), resistance (NTCs), and yoga.

2. Blog about a new vegan recipe each week.

I am gonna try a new recipe each week and share it with you guys!

3. No more selfies!

I don’t think this need much explanation:)

4. No more double device duty.

Too often I find myself pulling double duty. I am hanging out with friends while documenting the memories on Instagram and Facebook. I watch TV plus surfing the internet, blogging, or using my cell phone.  Or we eat dinner with the game on. Well no mas. This year I am will be present!

5. Become a triathlete!

This is the year I will finish my first triathlon!

Just for fun, here’s a look at our family’s take on Apple’s Misunderstood commercial. Enjoy:)


4 responses to “5 Goals for 2014

  1. What?! No more selfies??? Why?! I love your selfies!

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