Team USA | Sochi 2014

The Final countdown to Sochi 2014 has begun. 25 Days to go. I am getting ridiculously excited. Instead of reading for my class I am scouring the internet for the sweetest looking Team USA gear. My wish list is getting longer and longer. Luckily for me, my birthday is the day before the opening ceremonies:) Hehe.

Of course I wanted to share all of my favorite finds. How are you planning on showing your national pride throughout the winter games?? I would love to see your epic finds (Team USA or otherwise). Ok here it goes…

Team USA Repica Hockey Jersey | Nike | $70, $130Vintage USA Hockey Jersey Nike-USA-Replica-Mens-Hockey-Jersey-00028787X_USH_A

Unlike the summer games, there is really only one team sport and that is hockey. Since I live in Canada it seems like I should have a Team USA hockey jersey to make sure these Canucks know what I am all about. I love both of these jerseys but I am leaning towards the vintages one.

Wool USOC Hoodie | Nike | $90


I am loving this pullover! After the London Olympics I scored the podium jacket at the Nike Factory Store for a fraction of the retail price. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for this one…unless I just buy it now:)

Futura Leg-A-See Leggings | Nike | $45

Team USA Leggings

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! These would look so good with my Team USA jacket!

Headband, $12 | Nike Gloves, $45 | Team USA Scarf, $22

USA headbandNike-Inspired-Victory-USA-Gloves-NWGB4_912_ATeam USA Knit Scarf

Aren’t these super awesome cold gear accessories. I already bought myself the scarf and was going to buy the headband but it is sold out. Hopefully they restock soon. The gloves are look pretty cool but I cannot justify spending that much. Team USA also sales these gloves. But I just don’t think they are that cute, especially compared to Team Canada’s.

Women’s Team USA T-Shirts | $20, $25, $22

USA Ladies Peak Long Sleeve, Sochi, 2014USA Olympis T-Shirt USA Sochi Women's T-Shirt

I am really loving the first two. I also really like this men’s shirt from Nike.

Anyways, enough window shopping for me. Time to get back to being productive.


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