HITS Triathlon | Palm Springs | 12.7.13

Oh my life has been busy! This post is waaaaaay overdue. At the beginning of December my brother, his girlfriend, and roommates did the Palm Springs HITS triathlon. Unfortunately, I was not there to watch and cheer them on. But they sent me some awesome pictures!


This was Jordan’s first half Ironman. He hit a bit of a roadblock when his tire went flat and he had no spare. The race director actually ended up bringing him a new wheel and Jordan was able to finish. Even though he had a two hour “break,” he finished strong and was incredibly impressed with this race series!

20140118-081538.jpg 20140118-081517.jpg 20140118-081444.jpg

Nathalie started off her sprint in the freezing Palm Spring water. This was her first tri!

20140118-081432.jpg 20140118-081455.jpg 20140118-081552.jpg 20140118-081604.jpg

Jordan’s roommate, D’Hahn and Ryan, also joined in the triathlon fun!

HITS Tri.jpg


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