February, Home to Super Bowl XLVIII, My B-Day, & the XXII Winter Olympics

Heeeeelllllo, February! My favorite month of the year is finally hear! This year February is extra special because along with being home to Super Bowl XLVIII and my birthday, it will also host the XXII  Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

All of my Team USA gear has been ordered from Nike and I am ready to represent my country during the upcoming fortnight (yea, I watch a lot of Downton Abbey…haha). I even organized a spirit day next Friday for my students, #redwhiteandblueday!!!

Since I have my Olympic wardrobe figured out, my next dilemma is who do I cheer for tomorrow? My love for Peyton goes way back. He is just such a high class guy. And he really needs to at least tie Eli with two rings. I mean come on, it is just too perfect a setup with the big game taking place in Eli’s house (remember 2012?). But I also teach 360 Seahawks crazed fans and their happiness means the world to me. And you cannot deny that Russell is also a great guy, who will most likely be filling Peyton’s “good guy”shoes once #18 decides to retire. So what to do, what to do…

Who are you cheering for tomorrow and why????

Check in tomorrow to hear about my February #NTCfit goals! 


2 responses to “February, Home to Super Bowl XLVIII, My B-Day, & the XXII Winter Olympics

  1. Yay for your birthday month, Sporty Spice!

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