February #NTCfit Goals

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I woke up early today to get in a solid training run (13.1 in two weeks + I am going to be eating a lot of calories today) and work on my grad class before kick off.

Super Bowl Sunday Pre-Game Run, Nike Running, Nike Women

January did not end with a bang. With an exhausting (but fun) trip to Texas and a little bit of a cold this past week, I did not completely finish my first #NTC program. Well thank goodness everyday is a chance for a new beginning (too cheesy???). So, today I start a new #NTC program. This one with the goal of Cabo on my mind. 

My brother is training for the Cabo Ironman, 140.6 miles of swimming, biking, and running. So in true The/Banks fashion we are all {Mom & Dad, Grandparents, Aunt & Uncle, Nathalie, Kyle & I, and some friends} heading down to Mexico to cheer him on and enjoy a sunning vacation. We head south in 7 weeks! So here are my goals…

Get ready for Cabo Goal #1: Diet 

What this means: Eliminate dairy & refined sugars and stickily limit gluten.

I have no idea if this brand tastes good, it was just the first photo I found.

Get ready for Cabo Goal #1: Fitness

What this means: #NTCfit program! 7 weeks is almost enough time to get in two #NTCfit programs. 

Quick background: I have been using #NTC for a few years and have thoroughly loved it. At the end of December they launch a complete app revamp and it is awesome, except  I cannot find my favorite Alex Morgan and Hope Solo workouts. But Nike has more than made up for those minor inconveniences.

#NTCfit program walk through…

Step 1: Download NTC | Step 2: Select a Program | Step 3: Start Getting Sweaty

#NTCfit, Nike Training Club programWhat are your goals for February???

P.S. Here’s what I am wearing today…

Team USA gear, Nike@thejanellekay

“My #ootd!! Because in the #SuperBowl America always wins!!”

p.s. “Also, it’s not a #selfie if I don’t show my face, right?

p.s.s. “@theellenshow please send me to #Sochi as your official Olympic correspondent.”


3 responses to “February #NTCfit Goals

  1. Hope Solo’s is in get lean intermediate and Alex Morgan’s is in Get Toned Advanced! Great goals! I’m doing a program this month too!

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