Running (and Bruno Mars), the Pastime for Everyone!

Before I start talking about running or Bruno Mars, I have to congratulate Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Of course I love Peyton and never wished he would lose like that. But the Legion of Boom did some serious work! I am extremely excited and happy for the city of Seattle. 1979 was a looong time ago. Enjoy your moment, you deserve it (and cancel school on Wednesday so we can all go to the parade!!!)

Okay, back to running. I promise…it’s true, running is for everyone! Tonight was the initial meeting of a walk to run group I am co-leading at church. It was below freezing, dark, and windy and we had TEN people show up. Woo Hoo. I am so proud of this group for braving the elements and getting their sweat on!

Initially this group was not suppose to start until the end of March but the runners were excited to start now and how could I tell them no:) We are doing the Coach to 5k program. So far I love the app, especially how the phone buzzes when it is time to switch between walking and running. That features takes away the need to run with the app in my hand. Anyways, it was a great first day and I am looking forward to next few months!

A date with Bruno Mars (and my husband, of course:)

That’s right Kyle and I are going to see Bruno Mars in August! Congratulations, Mr. Mars! Your genius Super Bowl Halftime marketing and promotion worked. Like thousands of other people we were left in awe and wanting more after last night’s performance. And thanks to Kyle we secured a pair of tickets (plus two extras) for Bruno’s Calgary concert. To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement:)

I am pretty much a mainstreamer when it comes to music, you know whatever is on the radio and my students request in class. So I can honestly say that Bruno’s album is one of the only ones I listen on a regular basis and completely love. The other two being, Maroon Five and Fun. (Do I use two periods since Fun. is their title?). Oh and N’sync but I doubt my hopes and dreams of a reunion tour will ever be fulfilled. I think the VMAs was my closest bet.

Well enough rambling. Time for sleep. Goodnight!


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