Let the Games Begin…

Dear Members of the IOC (and Jordy),

I am greatly honored by the present you have given me for my 26th birthday, the start of the XXII Olympic Winter Games!


Janelle (a.k.a. the ultimate Team USA fan)


Maybe I’ll go to our rink in Abbotsford and do this tomorrow…I think the Canucks would throw me out…hehe

To say I am excited about the Olympics is an understatement. Pretty much everything in my life over the next two weeks will revolve around the Games. And the awesome thing about being a physical education teacher is I can incorporate it into all of my lesson plans. Today we started our own Winter Olympics. I am having my kids choose a country that they will represent in our PE Olympics and do a little research about. Also, I organized a #redwhiteandblueday tomorrow. I have been promoting it all week wearing different USA clothes. Here’s a little preview of what I will be wearing to school tomorrow + a USA flag costumer…too much….more like is it enough??? (I may or may not be more excited about this than my students:)

Team USA 2014 Apparel, Nike

Well I am off to bed. But before I go the best tweet of the Olympics so far…none other than Stephan Colbert.


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