{My} Top 10 Olympic Moments



Well Sochi, you started off a little rough with the missing ring and out-of-sync performers but you recovered well….and then you completely stole my heart with then giant screen floor and  floating sets.

Sochi Opening Ceremony Floating Set + Screen Floor


In honor of the opening ceremonies of the XXII Olympic Winter Games, I thought I would create a list of my personal favorite Team USA Olympic moments that have taken place during my lifetime. Let me preface this list by saying 10 is a small number, there are just too many amazing Team USA moments to decide from. Also, to limit this post I chose only Team USA moments, I mention this because every year in true Olympic spirit there are stories that transcend national loyalty and touch all citizens of the world. So with that let the list begin…

Oh wait, here is what I wore to school today:)

Team USA Ultimate Fan, Nike, DIY USA Flag, Olympic Spirit

Honorable mention:

Shaun WhiteTara Lipinski, Sarah Hughes, Marion Jones (before we knew about the doping), The World’s Great sung at Salt Lake, Paul Hamm’s gold, Kobe and other Team USA basketball playing cheering on other Team USA athletes, 2008 Team USA Team Volleyball, 2012 Team USA v. Team Canada women’s soccer, Missy Franklin…ahh the list of great moments could go on…

#10. Apolo Anton Ohno

He was my first sport crush. During the Salt Lake games I was just a junior high girl in love:)

Apolo Ohno - 2002


#7. #8. & #9. carly patterson, NASTIA LIUKIN + Gabby Douglas & the 2012 team usa gymnastics

Since I was a kid I dreamed of winning a gymnastic gold medal  for Team USA. So of course my favorite Olympic event is women’s gymnastics. It is just mind-blowing what these girls can do. I feel so honored to have grown up in an era where I have seen not one but three USA gymnasts win gold in the women’s all-around and the team gold twice!





Gabby Douglas London


Team USA 2012 Gymnastics


#6. 2012 Opening Ceremony

London Open Ceremony %22This is For Everyone%22


After the amazing show Beijing put on, I honesty did not think  London could top it. But I should have know not to doubt the British. They absolutely surpassed any and every expectation I had created (and not just because of Kate Middleton, J.K. Rowling, and Mr. Bean). I think the picture above sums it up “This is for Everyone.” This opening ceremony was truly for everyone. It was a fantastic expression of how global the British influence runs. They were able to connect the world in a way China, Russia, or even Canada were not able to do.

#5. Ryan Miller’s steller Olympic performacne + Zach Parise’s goal to send the gold medal final into overtime

Ice Hockey - Men's Gold Medal Game - Day 17


The 2010 USA v. Canada gold medal game holds two of my most potent Olympic memories: 1) One of the most ecstatic moments in USA olympics history when Zach Parise scored a goal with less than 30 seconds on the clock to send it to overtime and 2) the devasating moment of defeat when Sid the Kid scored in overtime… The latter is the greatest loss I have ever experienced. Even now, four years later, I feel a pain every time I see that replay. This the year, boys!!!

#4. Jason Lezak 4×100 relay leg to save Michael Phelps’ quest for 8 gold medals

If you were paying any attention to Michael Phelps mission to win eight gold medals this needs no explanation.

Schwimmstar Phelps gibt in Wasserpfeifen-Affäre Fehlverhalten zu


#3. Michael Phelps

What Michael Phelps did was amazing. Simple as that. Fours years after the Beijing games we visited the Water Cube. You could still feel the magic of what Phelps accomplished.

Michael Phelps 22 medals


Tied for #1. 1996 Opening Ceremony

This was the moment I feel in love with the Olympics. Celine Dion absolutely brought the house down! In my opinion this song is the greatest moment of opening ceremony history, ever!

Actually, many Americans will debate that this is the greatest moment…

ali_muhammad 1996 Olympics


Tied for #1. Kerri Strug + the Magnificent Seven

The 1996 Olympics will forever hold a special place in my heart. This was the first Olympics I remember and it was obsession love at first sight. At the time Kerri Strug sticking that landing was incredible and as get older and have a better understanding of what the Magnificent Seven accomplished the level of incredible just grows exponentially.



1996 Magnificent Seven


And Because You cannot have a list of America Olympic Moments and not include the 1980 Miracle on Ice and Jesse Owens…

Okay, obviously I was not alive for this. But I have watched Miracle enough times to feel like I lived it! Oh how I hope and dream I will be able to experience Team USA taking home a hockey gold medal!

Team USA celebrates "the Miracle on Ice"


Again, I know I was not alive but what Jesse Owens was able to accomplish during the Berlin games is one of the greatest examples of how sport has the power to change the world.



P.S. I know there are a few other top USA Olympics moments that took place during my lifetime but plain and simple, I don’t remember them. Therefore, they did not make the list. The Dream Team and Michael Johnson are the two main events that come to mind.

What are you favorite Olympic moments??? Please share….


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  1. What about this one??? not even an honorable mention?

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