Sweep City!!!

Woo HOOO!!! It’s a great day to be an American!! This morning I woke up at 5am to workout and cheer on Team USA. To say it was a good morning is an understatement!!!!

Yes, that single “favorite” is from Joss Christensen himself! What a guy, going through a favoriting all the tweets American’s around the world sent him.

@thejanellekay #usallday #sochi2014


“Now I am not saying #teamusa sweep the ski slopestyle because I painted my nails#redgoldandblue…..all I know is I painted my nails last night then woke up to a epic slopestyle competition and a 7-1 defeat to start Olympic hockey.#superstitious #sochi2014”

Team USA Slopestyle Sweep


When it comes to the Olympics, three USA flags  is the most beautiful thing you can see!!!

Joss Christensen Medal Ceremony

Also….a 7-1 win to start the hockey tournament…yeah I’ll take that.

Jonathan Quick



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