Welcome to Airplanes & Treadmills, my name is Janelle.  This blog is all about the randomness of my life, adventures in working out, and traveling the globe.  I love God, family, friends, running, yoga, teaching, all things Texas, traveling, reading, and so much more (you’ll have to read to blog to see what else:).

Ceremony-1131Happy Wedding Day, July 10, 2011 in Ft. Worth, Texas! 


A month after getting married my husband, Kyle, and I moved to Kunshan, China to teach at an American school.  It was a year full of adventures, amazing memoreis, and exploring foreign lands  We had an unforgettable time but we were beyond grateful to get to move back to North America.

IMG_2668Us + my family on the Great Wall!

Currently, we live in British Columbia, Canada. We have called BC home since the summer of 2012 and plan to be settled here for a while. Kyle currently teaches P.E. at a local private school and I am a substitute teacher/volunteer/stay at home wife:) Since I am American I cannot work in Canada (hopefully my papers will come any day!!!).  Thankfully, we live about 5 miles from the USA/Canada border and there are a few school districts under 30 minutes away.  Being a substitute teacher is pretty much unpredictable, but I have been very fortunate to sub for some truly fantastic teachers!  On days I am not subbing I volunteer at Kyle’s school teaching K-3 P.E. & coaching various sports.

Walla Walla Grad

Walla Walla University, Graduation, June 2011.  We both graduated with our B.S. in Physical Education.

The Blog

I have never been much of a writer but after half a year of blogging about our adventures in China, I feel in love with blogging and I decided I wanted to create a blog so I could continue blogging once we moved back home.  Over the past 5 years my life has been changed through fitness and I want to share it with anyone who will listen. So it did not take long to decide on a topic, fitness & traveling, two of my deepest passions!  Since, I started the blog it has changed my life and has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  I pray that I can continue to blog about what makes me happy and hopefully motivate a reader here and there to start living a healthier life!


Snorkeling off the Napali Coast during our Hawaiian Honeymoon

A little bit extra…

For more details about my health and fitness background & my travel background please follow the links.


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  1. Hi Janelle, I just stumbled upon your blog and noticed a similar theme between both of our blogs. I blog at “Running in Transit” and talk about my love for both running and travel!

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