Much like my travel knowledge, my knowledge about Health and Fitness has come over the past 5 or so years.  Although, I have always lived an active life playing sports from the moment I could walk.  I did not really understand what it meant to be healthy or how to even lose weight until my junior year of college (even though I was 3/4s done with my B.S. in Physical Education).  The turning point was my 21st birthday (Feb. 6).  For my birthday my family gave me an iTouch.  On that iTouch I downlowded the app, loseit.  Best decision I ever have made.  I finally was able to see how many calories I was intaking and how few I was truly burning each workout.  By summer I was the slimmest I have ever been and was weighing in 15 pounds lighter.  The thing that most amazed me about this drastic change was the fact that most of the weight lose came from simply eating different.  That is the basic background of my health and fitness beginnings now to the stuff that taught me most of what I know about fitness.

New Years 2010 – I secretly decided that I am going to run a marathon.  I say secretly because to saying it out loud meant that there was no backing down.  Obviously it did not stay a secret long as the 5 months of training began.  Let me just say this, by no means am I a fast runner.  Sure I could sprint up and down a basketball court once upon a time but long distance running has never been my thing.  So I ran and ran and ran and ran some more until my training program was complete and on May 15, 2010 I officially joined the 26.2 club. 

4th & 5th Year of College – I attended a small private college, Walla Walla University, and while there I was given to the opportunity to teach a few group fitness classes.  For a little over a year I taught a BOSU ball class three days a week and a water aerobics class once a week.

June 2011 – I graduated with my B.S. in Physical Education.

December 2011 – My husband and I completed the Shanghai Half Marathon. It was quite the experience.  Let’s just say I did not train as religiously as I did for my marathon and I will NEVER be making that mistake again.  But hey, we finished!

By no means am I am expert.  Just like most people I have my ups and downs, my skinny days and my fat days.  But I have learned a little through my experiences and I am trying everyday to learn more.  I am constantly searching and researching new workouts, healthy recipes, new developments in the health and wellness world, etc…


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