Yes, I am a runner. Am I fast? No, way. Actually, I am barely even average. But I am still a runner. Some days I run a little, others I run a lot.


Upcoming Races:

My Races:

10.20.13 ~ Nike Women’s Marathon, San Francisco

08.10.13 ~ lululemon Half Marathon

05.26.13 ~ Run for Water Half Marathon

04.21.13 ~ The Sun Run 10k {56:45}

03.17.13 ~ adidas Shamrock run 15k ***DNR because we went on a last minute trip to California!!!***

03.10.13 ~ NWM Virtual 10k {01:01:24}

02.17.13 ~ Birch Bay Half Marathon {2:14:37}

01.01.13 ~ White Rock 5 Miler {49:24.76}

11.22.12 ~ Dallas Turkey Trot 8 Miler {01:34:53}

12.04.11~ Toray Shanghai Half Marathon {2:52:53}

05.15.10 ~ Windermere Spokane Marathon {05:07:21.6}

05.02.10 ~ Bloomsday 12k {1:15:00}

03.31.07 ~ Waco Race for the Cure 5k *4.4.13 Update ~ I finally found this official time! I have been searching for it. Thank you, athlinks* {25:08} **PR**


4 responses to “Run

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  3. Awesome!
    In addition, All of people are still running for their vision.
    Good luck!

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