Navigating the Beijing Metro

Using a Map:

via Explore Beijing

ExploreBeijing is the best metro map out there!!!  We use this same app in Shanghai every time we venture into the city.  Not only does it have an awesome interactive map… also:

*tells you the total cost (well that is easy in Beijing because every trip is only 2rmb)

*give you the fastest route

*tell you the estimated travel time from point A to point B

 Buying Tickets:

Buying Beijing metro tickets is super easy because every route is 2 rmb (except when riding the airport express). You have two options when buying single trip tickets:

Option 1: buy tickets from the sales office

Option 2: use the automated ticked machine

 Step 1: Choose how many tickets you want to buy

 Step 2: Insert the money (the machines usually only take exact change)

 Step 3: Press “ok”

 Step 4: Take tickets and go:)

Chinese Version:

English versions – simply click the “English” button

Screen after you choose the amount of tickets you would like to purchase:

*if you are traveling in Beijing for an extended period of time it may be convient to purchase a rechargeable card.


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