The Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square

Directions to Tian’anmen Square & The Forbidden City

1. Metro line 1, Tian’anmen East Station 

2. Take exit A

3. Once at street level turn left

4. Walk until you reach a few guards who might check your bags.

5. Keep walking until you reach a few little bridges, turn right, and continue through the arch way.

6. Keep walking straight under a few more arch ways until you reach the ticket office for the Forbidden City.


*40rmb (Nov. 1 to the next Mar. 31)

*60rmb (Apr. 1 to Oct. 31)


*8:30 to 4:30pm (Nov. 1 – the next Mar. 31); tickets not available after 3:30pm and last entry at 3:40pm.
*8:30 to 17:00pm (Apr. 1- Oct.31); tickets not available after 4:00pm and last entry at 4:10pm.

Forbidden City in Chinese characters:

via Travel China Guide

Tian’anmen Square in Chinese Characters:

via Travel China Guide


*Don’t forget to bring your student id, you never know what attractions offer student prices.


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