Badaling Great Wall via Train

Directions for getting to Beijing North Railway Station & purchasing train tickets to Badaling Great Wall

1. Take subway or bus to Beijing North Railway Station 

*via subway: take metro line 2, 4, or 13 to Xizhimen

via explore beijing 

2. Follow the signs leading to Beijing North Railway Station

3. Exit the subway and enter the railway’s station ticket office.  *only the upstairs offices sale tickets to the Great Wall*

4. Purchase tickets to Badaling Great Wall

*tickets cost 6rmb 

*here is a timetable for trains going to and from Badaling – note, times may change

via seat 61

5. Enter the platform area and board your train to see one of the 7 wonders of the world!

6. Once you have arrived at the Badaling Station exit, turn left, and follow the crowd/signs to the Great Wall ticket office.

*if you prefer to take the cable car to the top turn left once you reach the big arch way (there will be a lot of directional signs)

*if you would rather walk up the Great Wall walk with the crowds for about 800 meters and the ticket office will be on your right.

Cost for entrance to The Great Wall:

*40rmb (Nov. 1 to Mar. 31)

*45rmb (Apr. 1 to Oct. 31)

Cost for Cable Car:

*one way – 60rmb

*round trip – 80rmb

+ entrance fee to the Great Wall

Beijing North Railway Station:

Ticket to Badaling Great Wall:

*You can also take public bus 919 to Badaling Great Wall.


*Don’t forget to bring your student id, you never know what attractions offer student prices.


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