Obtain a Chinese Police Certificate

To date this has been the most difficult and time consuming part of my Canadian Immigration process.  Unlike America (and I am assuming most other western countires) you must personally go into the police station to retrive this information.  Where as for my USA background check I simply got my finger prints taken and then submitted my paper work with my prints to the FBI (and of course I gave them some money).

If you do not speak Chinese you will absolutely need a translator. Be sure that your translator has their Identification Card and they must be an adult. If are unsure of where to I go, I suggest speaking with whomever set up your Z visa at your place of employment.

Things to be aware of before you start the journey of getting your police report:

*It is NOT free!

*It is NOT easy or quick! So plan ahead!

*Any papers you present to the notary office MUST be stamped with your employer’s red stamp.

Steps to getting to a Chinese Police Certificate

Step 1: Go to the notary office in the town you live in and request the necessary papers for your Police Certificate/Clearance.  Depending on which country you are requesting this certificate for the price will change.  For example, since my report was for the Canadian government it cost 100rmb (about $15usd).  However, Kyle’s report (for his future immigration***) would be for the US government and it cost 200rmb (about $30usd)

Step 2: Go to the police department for your town and present your papers from the notary office to the police officers.  The police officer should be able to give you what you need just from reading the notary’s paper.  In return the police officer should give you a typed paper with the infamous red stamp.

Step 3: Return to the notary office with the paper(s) from the police station.  The notary office will then translate your papers into English, ready to submit to the immigration office.  This may take anywhere from a week or 2 to finish.  They will notify you (or your translator) when they are completed and ready to be picked up.

Step 4: Pick up your papers from the notary office.  Once again you will need to pay and again the price will differ depending on which country you wish to submit the papers to.  I believe we paid 15ormb (about $23usd) for both (100 for Kyle’s & 50 for mine)

***Although the immigration office request police reports to be completed within 3 months of your immigration application being submitted, we thought it would be wise to also get Kyle’s report while getting mine (even though we are not planning on moving to the states for a few years).  The reason we choose to do this is because I have read HORROR stories about people trying to get Chinese Police Reports when they no longer live in China.  Just to get these reports it took over a week and who knows how many trips to the notary, police, and visa offices (getting the run around at each place). So I can only imagine how hard it will be in a few years to get a current report after not living in China for a number of years.***

Canadian Immigration’s information about getting a Chinese Police Certificate 


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