Organizing Your Immigration Application

Here are some details about how I organized my Canadian Immigration Application

After printing everything off I used these lovely post it notes to create a tab for each item in my immigration packet.

Then I organized all of my forms according to the document checklist & printed my own table of contents.

Next I divided the documents into three parts: Sponsor Documents, Sponsored Person Document, Supporting Documents Concerning the Validity of Sponsor and Sponsored Person’s Relationship

On one side I taped the title page and on the other I taped a table of contents for each folder.


After checking and double checking all of my forms, I put everything inside the designated folders.  Then put those 3 folders into a big folder and mailed it off the Canadian Immigration Office.

What we used to prove the genuineness of our relationship:

~Tons and tons of pictures with dates & explanations.  We had plenty of pictures from the 3+ years we have been together.  We added pictures of just us, pictures of us with each other’s families, pictures at different places and seasons, etc.

~Letters written from family & friends about our relationship.  We added about 10

~Copies of the letters we wrote to each other for our wedding

~A timeline of our relationship

~Supporting documents about why we did not have a ton of physical communication during our relationship.  This is due to the fact that we spend the majority of our relationship at college together.

~Joint bank account information

~Joint travel information

~Wedding documents: invitation, program, table number information

~copies of wedding cards from wedding guests


I hope this helps! I know how stressful feeling out the immigration applications can be!  Feel free to ask any questions!


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