The Summer Palace

Directions to the Summer Palace via the Beijing Metro

1. Metro Line 4, Beigongmen or Xiyuan Station

*Xiyuan Station – is a bit further away from the entrance.  I would suggest taking a rick shaw from the station to the Summer Palace, you should pay about 5-10rmb.

via Explore Beijing

2. Exit Beigongmen Station, following the signs for the Summer Palace

3. Once at street level turn left and walk along the street until you come to the entrance to the Summer Palace.

*I would suggest purchasing a map from one of the vendors.  I believe at the entrance gate they are 10rmb so anything cheaper that is reasonable to pay.


Entrance Fee:

* 20rmb (Nov.1 – Mar.31)

* 30rmb (Apr.1 – Oct.31)

Entrance Fee + Admission into all sites:

* 50rmb (Nov.1 – Mar.31)

* 60rmb (Apr.1 – Oct.31)

Dehe Garden Entrance Fee:

* 5 rmb(year round)

Tower of Buddhist Incense:

* 10rmb (year round)

Wenchang Hall:

* 20rmb (year round)

Suzhou Street and Danning Hall:

* 10rmb (year round)


* 7:00 – 5:00pm (Nov.1 – Mar.31)

*6:30 – 6:00pm (Apr.1 – Oct.31)

The Summer Palace in Chinese Characters:

via travel china guide

Money Saving Tip:

*Don’t forget to bring your student id, you never know what attractions offer student prices.


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