Fitness Fast Forward

Check out my new weekly workout planner! My goal is to plan out my daily workouts before the week starts and post my plans here.  I have found that when I layout my workouts before getting to the gym, my workouts are more successful than when I just wing it.  So I thought the same logic would apply here.  Also, I know that if I post my plans here it will keep me accountable. Here is a look at what I am planning to do this week.  I also added a few healthy goals that I want to reach this week:)

Keep posted I’ll update this at the end of each week!

may 2013

Workout Planner, May 2013.001

April 2013

Workout Planner, April 2013 copy.001

March 2013

Workout Planner, March 2013.001

February 2013

Workout Planner, Feb 13.001

January 2013

Workout Planner, Jan 13.001

december 2012

Workout Planner, Dec.001

November 2012

nov. 25 – dec. 1

Nov. 18 – nov. 24

nov. 11 – nov. 17** not posted

nov. 4 – nov. 10

Oct. 28 – Nov. 3


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