♥ Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas ♥

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The Year in Pictures

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HIghlights from 2012

2012 was an amazing year for the Kay family! We were blessed with wonderful memories and adventures beyond anything we could imagine.  Below you can find links to more pictures & recaps of the many awesome things we did this year.



A few weeks after ringing in the New Year in our tiny apartment we got three weeks off to celebrate Chinese New Year! During this time we flew to Bali and then to Bangkok.  While in Bangkok we met up with Kyle’s parents and their close family friends.  Here are a few things to pictures & details about our CNY travels.

Bali Review Pictures of Bali

Bangkok Review & Pictures of Thailand 



KSIS Cooking Club & Valentine’s Day Cookies



Since we had a wonderful 3 weeks of vacation in late January/Early February we did not have another break until April.  So the month of March was full of fun school activities and day trips into Shanghai.  Check out these links to see a few of the awesome things we did with our  kids in March!

KSIS 7th Grade Reading

KSIS Fitness with my Kids



April was another month full of fun school events.  The biggest event of the year was the 7-11 grade banquet!  It was held at the beautiful Kunshan Fairmont Hotel.  The room was gorgeous and the food was delicious.  The Fairmont staff made sure the kids had an unforgettable night.

KSIS Masquerade Ball

Another amazing thing happened in the month of April… Kyle interviewed at Fraser Valley Adventist Acadmey and they offered him a job!!!  Here is the video Kyle made to announce our news.



May was quite a busy month.  We had a charity 5k, a talent show, and Janelle’s family came to visit!  While Janelle’s family was in China we all went to Beijing and toured the historic city.  When Kyle and I had to head back to school, my family flew to Xi’an to explore.  After a few days in Xi’an the whole family was reunited and spent the remaining time touring Kunshan and the amazing city of Shanghai.

Family’s Visit to China!



By the time June came around we were very ready to head home to Texas.  10 months of solid teaching is pretty exhausting.  During our final days we did a lot of shopping at our favorite venders in the fake market and of course savored the last few weeks we had with the kids.

KSIS Track & Field Day



On July 10 we celebrated our one year anniversary.  The following day we jetted off to Canada to visit Kyle’s family.  After not being home for almost a year Kyle was incredibly excited to get back to Alberta! It was amazing to see how much our niece and nephew had grown.  Praise the Lord for Skype or they might not have even known who we were!


As a little anniversary present to us we did a One-Year photo shoot with the amazing Caressa Rogers.



In August the National Teacher’s Convention was held in Nashville.  Since the majority of my mom family are teachers or connected to Adventist education in some way or another,  the teacher’s convention quickly became a mini family reunion.  Along with seeing family, we also met up with a few of Walla Walla PE buddies:)  It was a wonderful weekend!

A few days after coming home from Tennessee we packed up the UHaul and left for Canada.



Not much happened once school started besides school.  When we weren’t doing stuff at school we were setting up our new home.  It took us a few weeks to settle in, but it finally all came together.

Our Home

The Bed



Our first trip with the kids.  We traveled to Kelowna, B.C. with 53 students to play in a football tournament.  It was an amazing time and our teams played great!


Turkey Trot

For Thanksgiving I surprised my family and flew home to Texas to celebrate.  After not being home for almost six months it was wonderful to home.  Especially since that was our last holiday in the apartment that has been home for the past 12 years.

Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot


Kay Christmas Card 2012 2

This time around I do not have to wait six months to go home again.  We are incredibly blessed and get to travel to see both of our families at Christmas.  The first week we will be in Banff with Kyle’s family and for the second week we will be in Texas celebrating with Janelle’s.

Well that was our 2012!  God bless you all & see ya next year!


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