Shopping in Shanghai’s Fake Markets

Shanghai has a few fake markets, here I will give you directions to the two we prefer.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum


1. Take metro line 2, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station

via Explore Shanghai

2. The metro opens up into the market.

*The Science & Technology Market also houses a fabric market.  The other main fabric market I know of is located at Nanpu Bridge (I actually have never been there, but Kyle has and prefers the Science & Technology).

*Our favorite tailor is Tom’s Tailor.  It is located right at the front of fabric market and is hard to miss.

West Nanjing Market


1. Take metro line 2, West Nanjing Road Station

via Explore Shanghai

2. Take exit 2 out of the metro station (you will come out between Mark’s & Spencer and Gap)

3. Once at street level on West Nanjing, turn right and continue walking a few blocks until you come to “580 West Nanjing” (you will need to cross the street at some point)

3. Head inside and start shopping. I would avoid buying stuff from the first few shops just because they are likely to charge more because the shops are offered visited.

***Updates*** Yesterday Kyle and I went to West Nanjing but decided to go via People’s Square (we did not want to have to switch lines and go through all the walking). Anyways, long story short we found out it is actually better (you still have to watch but not metro switching) to get off the metro at People’s Square, take exit #8 onto West Nanjing.  Once you are on West Nanjing turn right and start working (the building numbers will be going up).  Just keep watching until you get to #580 West Nanjing! 


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